Haynesville Shale Map

Oil & Gas Leasing
Haynesville Shale Play
East Texas & North Louisiana
June 2010 Update

Over the past two years, the Haynesville shale play (also the Bossier shale) in East Texas and North Louisiana has shrunk to the north but expanded to the south. We have a new Haynesville shale map for you; see below.

Core Leasing Area
Haynesville Shale / Bossier Shale Play
Haynesville Shale Map
June 2010

updated recent Haynesville shale map / Bossier shale map

Compare it to the 2008 Haynesville shale map. Note that the outline is general and imprecise and will continue to expand or contract with well drilling results. The following counties in East Texas and parishes in Louisiana are enjoying the most lease activity in recent months.

East Texas: North Louisiana: The lease bonuses (signing bonus) are still very good. As always, they have a wide range, depending on many factors. If you wish to lease or sell mineral rights, please contact us, regardless where you are within the boundaries of the Haynesville shale map. Good luck!


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