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The Haynesville shale play (also the Bossier shale) in East Texas and North Louisiana could turn out to be one of the largest discoveries of natural gas in the history of the arklatex. During 2008, leasing activity by oil and gas companies accelerated to a feverish pitch. It was up, then down -- quite a roller coaster ride for mineral rights owners. This page shows a Haynesville shale map during the early days of the play.

However, the land grab doesn't make sense sometimes. Some landowners are left out, lost in the mad scramble for various reasons and sometimes, there just is no explanation. It's a modern day gold rush and it's surprising how many people are getting left behind. Everyone wants to get their part!

One of the most common questions I get is "Is there a map of the Haynesville shale?" There is now! Based on countless phone calls from area mineral rights owners, the following map was created. This map shows the focus area.

At this time, the exact areal extent of this shale play is not known. The northern boundary has moved south due to poor well results in Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish north of I-20. Many more wells will have to be drilled to define the eastern, southern and western boundaries. Plus, there are "sweet spots" within the play where the production is better than others and bad spots where the production is poor, for many reasons. And there will be wells drilled which will condemn large parts of the play.

Here's to hoping your mineral rights are in a sweet spot! And if you missed out on the big money, there is another way to enjoy a guaranteed, sure-thing cash payday; you can sell all of part of your mineral rights, even if you are already leased. I have helped many people monetize their mineral rights by selling. It's a viable option for many people. Cash is a sure thing! Here is info about selling mineral rights.

Core Leasing Area In Early Days
Haynesville Shale / Bossier Shale Play
Haynesville Shale Map

Haynesville shale map

NOTE: The map above has been updated... see updated Haynesville shale map June 2010. < < < CLICK HERE!

The following counties in East Texas and parishes in Louisiana were previously enjoying the most lease activity but some have dropped out. This list below is from 2008.

East Texas: North Louisiana: More recent Haynesville shale map, June 2010

(By the way, there is also a shale play in South Texas, the Eagle Ford shale. More info can be found at this site -- Eagle Ford shale play.)

The lease bonus amounts vary widely within the focus area for the Haynesville shale. There are many reasons for this, such as proximity to producing wells, pipelines, good wells and bad wells. Plus, competition. And something as simple as complicated heirship can lower the value of your lease.

Everyday, I get many phone calls. I find it interesting that alot of people think just because some oil or gas company is leasing, that it means they are about to drill there. Possible, but not certain. This play is huge. For any given property, you may not see a well drilled for quite awhile due to the sheer size of this play. It's simple arithmetic. The play involves millions of acres! Only time will tell how much of it is productive. And it's going to take a long time, indeed... decades.

The Haynesville shale is found from about 10,500 feet to 13,000+ feet in the focus area. That's over two miles deep! And to exploit the resource, companies have to use a new technology called horizontal drilling. This is very expensive. These wells will cost over $9 million each! The rigs required to drill horizontal wells this deep need to be 1500 horsepower. And there are not that many 1500HP rigs in North America!

Each of these rigs is capable of drilling only a few wells per year. So, even if the companies ramp up and are able to find dozens of large drilling rigs, it will be a very long time before the entire play is defined. Again, decades.

Like everyone, you want to get your part, I'm sure. It's an exciting development. I hope this play turns out really good for your mineral rights!

My oil and gas career began in 1978. I have seen some really good times and some periods when it was terrible; the oil and gas business is truly a roller coaster ride. The booms don't last nearly as long as the busts! And I have seen a lot of people hang on too long, refusing to a take a large cash offer. I have a lot of insight in this regard. Contact me if you wish to discuss it.

Lastly, as for more info about selling mineral rights... some people fear that they may not see any benefit from this play due to their age or they want or need extra cash right now for whatever reason. You can sell all or any portion of your mineral rights. Some people are selling 3/4, maybe a half and gambling on the part that they keep. I've helped many mineral rights owners sell, even many in the non-core area of the Haynesville shale map. If you're interested, more info can be found here -- how to sell mineral rights and here is more info on considering why sell mineral rights in the Haynesville shale or Eagle Ford shale. Also, this site has a lot of good info about selling royalties and mineral rights. Good luck!

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